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Projector protection box

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With outdoor projection, urban projection effects are increasing, and the use of projectors is becoming more and more frequent. As an expensive device and working outdoors for a long time, the protection of the projector's protective box is a problem that cannot be ignored. Our company has specially developed different types and specifications of constant temperature and humidity protection equipment for the use of projectors in different environments from north to south.
1. Technical Specifications of Projector Protection Box
Model: LS-L2000
Size: customized according to the actual situation of the project
Humidity: greater than 75% RH, dehumidification start
Temperature: greater than 40 degrees, cooling start, temperature lower than 5 degrees, heating start (settable), the projector starts, the heating function in the cabinet is automatically released
Note: It has been set as the factory setting, which can be customized according to the actual situation of the project.  
Second, the characteristics of the projector protective box
1. With the basic functional characteristics of rain, dust, mosquito, constant temperature and humidity.
2. The cabinet adopts single-layer or double-layer thickened heat insulation design, and has a forced exhaust and exhaust system, a rapid cooling system, a rapid heating system, and a power-off prevention and lightning strike prevention system.
3. Equipped with temperature control and humidity adjustment system, can set a fixed temperature range according to different environments.
4. The fixed position of the projection can be adjusted, fixed forward and backward, and high-definition high-transparent tempered glass to ensure the lossless projection of the picture.
5. Temperature and humidity display screen can be added to understand the control temperature status in real time.
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