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MA ON PC Stand

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7 DMX outputs, 1 DMX input (can be set as output), connected to the expander, can support up to 65536 channel parameters

Built-in two 15.6-inch capacitive touch screens. 1 external touch screen

Built-in 21 playback manual faders (60mm), 21 executable program buttons. 15 external putters and 30 program buttons

Built-in keyboard (at the bottom drawer at the bottom right corner of the console)

1 master putter, 2 AB field manual putters (100mm)

4 photoelectric encoders

1 dimming wheel

2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, support MA NET, ARTNET signals

2 USB2.0 ports, 1 backup USB access port,

Independent mute type CHERRY yellow backlit button.

MIDI input and output interface, LTC / SMPTE time code, audio input and output, microphone input interface

Built-in solid state drive, I5 CPU (standard configuration, customizable),

Pre-installed WIN7 64-bit customized version system (the system can be changed)

Support stage 3D effect simulation, real-time live simulation

AC wide voltage power supply: 100-250V, 50 / 60Hz

Console size: 75.5cm * 48cm * 23cm Flight case size: 83CM * 54CM * 33CM

Net weight: 14.2kg

Gross weight: 30KG

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