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Foggy fountain

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The faint dry mist, with no charm, gently stretches the charming. Sometimes it comes and goes, sometimes it winds and turns, sometimes it towers like a cloud, and sometimes it lingers back, making the air pure and moist. And the change is unpredictable, letting people reveal the pleasant feelings, such as on the verge of the extraterrestrial wonderland, like dreams, creating a dreamlike illusion of emptiness, thus adding a bit of dim beauty and mystery. The dry mist seems to allow people to temporarily wash their common sense in the bustle of the bustling city, soothe the uneasy soul, and fully embodies the inseparable close relationship between man and nature. The application of Wusen equipment has shaped the unique shape and charm of Wusen. A slightly dense fog covers the natural accumulation of stone shapes, removes the artificial taste of the area because there are many stones and few trees, and softens the natural scenery. The faint fog set off the gurgling stream in the rock cracks, shaded by the trees, the small bridge flowing water, and the natural mood was sensed in the hazy.

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