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Interactive projection

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The principle of interactive projection: The key to realizing "contactless interaction of image motion recognition" is to obtain real images and extract the necessary discriminating subjects, such as humans, to decompose the form of human components in predetermined spatial coordinates to constitute recognition Information library, and called by the virtual presentation system.

The interactive projection system is a fusion of the world's highest technology advertising and entertainment interactive system. The interactive audio and video system provides an unusual and exciting effect system for advertising and entertainment. The interactive projection system interacts with the image through the body movements of the audience, which can produce a variety of special effects images, letting people enter a wonderful world where the virtual and the real are merged, and the reality is also fantasy.


Four components of interactive projection:

1. The signal collection part, according to the interactive needs to capture and shoot, the capture equipment includes infrared sensor, video camera, thermal camera, etc .;

2. The signal processing part, which analyzes the data collected in real time, and the generated data is connected with the virtual scene system;

3. For the imaging part, use a projector or other imaging equipment to present the image at a specific location. In addition to the projector, the plasma display, liquid crystal display, and LED screen can be used as carriers for interactive images;

4. Auxiliary equipment, such as transmission lines, installation components, audio devices, etc.

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