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Architectural projection show

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3D projection technology, also known as Facade Mapping, 3D building projection, 3D building art, 3D vocal image projection, etc. It can break the physical space, can transform any object surface into animation, realize the perfect fusion of objects and animation, and produce a strong visual impact. Often choose some tall, wide buildings or buildings to combine projection technology with special effects phantom.

Taking advantage of the parallax feature of human eyes, you can obtain realistic stereoscopic images with space and depth without any auxiliary equipment (such as 3D eyes and helmets). Through the projection show, it can present three-dimensional special effects such as the sky cracking, flying away, the frozen snow, the fire, the rebirth of the sculpture, etc. The image can be projected out of the picture, or hidden in the picture, the color is bright Wonderful and vivid, it is a projection show with real meaning.
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