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China's most beautiful rural night tour landmark | Wuyuan Huangling-night tour project is perfectly presented!

Huangling Village Wonderful Night is officially launched,Two themed activities, the lantern night tour and the mountain village night market,Leadshow invites you to join hands and take a look at the immersive experience in the end!

A new night scene experience in Maitreya Dongfengyun Town!

With the improvement of people's living standards, holiday travel has become an important way of leisure in life. In order to give tourists a better tour experience and impression, the town has added some modern elements.

Focus on innovation, improve quality, and lead the show!

Lingxiu Lighting focuses on outdoor special effects lighting, and is committed to developing culturally creative lighting products. With our high-quality products and excellent corporate team, we are highly praised by many customers.

Leading show helps the brightening of Mingshi pastoral scenic area, a new night travel experience!

The cultural tourism project of the scenic spot was jointly presented by Shenzhen Chuangxian Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Lingxiu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., and experienced the core planning and design in the early stage and the carefully polished scenic night tour creation.

Nanchang Bayi Park's night view lighting enhancement project was successfully completed!

In order to celebrate the arrival of New Year's Day in 2021, Nanchang Bayi Park's night view lighting upgrade has been successfully completed. Lingxiu is honored to participate in this project. This upgrade is to add water ripples, projection, stars, and light beams to the original lighting.

Wisdom lights up life, intelligence leads the future

The 2018 China (Shenyang) Smart City and Landscape Lighting Development Forum was successfully held on August 25, 2018 in Shenyang, China. In this forum, Lingxiu Company took the theme of "Wisdom Lights Up Life, and Intelligence Leads the Future". Witnessed that urban landscape lighting is an important part of the construction of a smart city. It was a fruitful experience in the industry ’s largest and highest level specification forum held in Shenyang for the first time. Thanks to the organizer. I also thank my peers and the leader to show myself that in the lighting industry, I have never forgotten my original intention and have always been the same.

Leading Show Lights Shining 〖Art + Technology〗 Forum on Cultural and Creative and Landscape Lighting Design

Lingxiu Lighting focuses on special effects lighting and is committed to developing culturally and creative lighting products. Fortunately, on March 10, 2018, at the JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Qianhai, we participated in the 2018 "Art + Technology" Shenzhen Cultural Creativity Guided by the Shenzhen City Administration, the Chinese Lighting Society, the Shenzhen City Lighting Society, and the Guangdong Designers Union. The landscape lighting design forum, which is full of great coffee, invites authoritative experts from first-class colleges, top masters of design institutions, and leaders of leading lighting engineering enterprises. A total of more than 300 heavyweight guests attended the meeting to discuss art and technology, landscape lighting industry development and future trend. Thank you for your invitation and great support!

Strange and spectacular scenes can bring audio-visual enjoyment of high-tech laser to the audience-laser water curtain

The water curtain uses a high-pressure water pump to spout water through a sprinkler at high speed through a special device to form a huge water curtain, and then a laser or film is placed on it. To demonstrate various types of laser effects. It can not only display laser patterns, but also connect the entire set of projects to form a complete set of performances with themes. Its colorful, strange and spectacular scenes can bring audio-visual enjoyment of high-tech laser to the audience.

Our company's lighting and fountain synchronization control technology-light music fountain

The laser music fountain is a comprehensive waterscape composed of computer-controlled sound, light and nozzle holes to produce different shapes, different colors, and music rhythm. The shape of the water will dance with the turbulence of the sound, and the illumination of the light can form a beautiful and colorful fountain. The musical fountain is a kind of living scene combining sound, light, electricity and water, which is picturesque and beautiful. Through the fountain show, we can get a lot of mental purification. Under the music background, it seems that the river water is also alive. The crisscross water column is like a musical note. Since 2008, our company has been committed to the development and innovation of laser music fountains, and has participated in the creation and practice of hundreds of music fountains. In particular, the synchronization control technology of our lights and fountains has been gradually stabilized after years of improvement, and basically achieved zero failures. Lingxiu sincerely invites customers and friends to come to our company for inspection and guidance to jointly create outdoor lighting landscape!
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