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Enterprise goal: to become the leading brand in the world LED lighting industry.

After years of devoted operation, it is known as a lighting expert. Up to now, it has obtained a number of product patents and qualification certificates and entered the ranks of China's top brands.

The current leader is taking a road of technological innovation in lighting art. The future is still a long way. We can only keep a humble learning attitude and strive to advance to bring a new bright journey to China's lighting art technological innovation!


Corporate mission: create lighting value and achieve the dream of leading the show.

Use our high-quality products and caring services to meet the diverse needs of customers and create greater value for customers. Brilliant and colorful are our labels and advantages, and creating new glorious value is our mission. Strive for development, continue to innovate and achieve the dream of leading the show ---- Technology interprets the art of light and shadow!


Corporate values: integrity, innovation, win-win

Lingxiu has always been committed to the customer-centric service concept. With advanced science and technology, high-quality product quality and perfect service system, it leads the enterprise. Feixufa will continuously strive to increase investment in research and development to ensure the high quality of products and continue to Customers provide high-quality pre-sales, sales, and after-sales service. Over the years, Lingxiu has tailor-made for customers according to their different needs, providing customers with professional design, production, construction, installation, maintenance and other comprehensive-body services. Multiple high-end institutions.

Dong Guan Leanshow Opto-electronic Technology Co.,LTD

Specializing in stage lighting, entertainment lighting, outdoor special effects lighting, architectural and commercial lighting, music fountain, water curtain laser film, audio and other diversified high-tech enterprises.

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Dong Guan Leanshow Opto-electronic Technology Co.,LTD

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